Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To House Train Your Dog Quickly

It's a sad but sobering fact that up to 25 percent of the dogs given to animal shelters -- by their owners -- are there because of housebreaking problems. Even when dogs aren't given away there can be problems.  About 25 percent of behavior-related visits to vets concern house training the dog.

House Training Is Important

So we know that learning how to train a puppy is an important issue, and that successful puppy training could save or improve the lives of millions of animals.
This site is here to help you and to help your pet with simple explanations, helpful tips, and proven techniques for house training.

Your Pet Isn't Human

Before you get started, remind yourself that the puppy you want to potty train isn't a four-legged human. They have different instincts and different ideas of what's normal (dog poop on the carpet for example).  
You also need to remember that dogs are, by instinct, clean animals.  Like you, they would rather not soil themselves or the places they eat or sleep.  They also learn habits the same way you do -- generally speaking, bad habits from negative reinforcement and good habits from positive reinforcement. 

Poop Happens!

There is no perfect way to housebreak a puppy.  I'll introduce you to different methods that you can choose from based on your lifestyle and personality.  More than likely, any of the dog housebreaking methods will work but if, for some reason, you're running into challenges with one training method, simply switch to another.
You can skip around this site as you choose but, if this is your first time visiting, I strongly recommend you read the Four Top Tips On How To House Train A Dog.  Understanding these principles will make housebreaking your puppy much easier for your pet and for you.